Rationalize, la venta sencilla de productos complejos

Rationalize E-Commerce

Rationalize e-Commerce (REC) is a web service developed by Second Episode. It holds an electronic commerce solution with the aim of present the products of a customer in an organized way. REC is offered through a web interface customized for each client. It lets you have a new website for your company or it can be integrated within your current website. Among others, the main characteristics of REC are the following ones:
  • Organize your products in an online catalogue.
  • Each product is the minimum sellable unit and it is composed of attributes and options. /li>
  • Sort your products in families avoiding the repetition of common characteristics in different products.
  • Insert multiple figures in each product page in order to present different perspectives of the product. Show a different image per combination of options. Add an additional picture to each option.
  • Add technical documents to the pages of product.
  • Configure the options of each product customizing the product to the necessities of the client.
  • Define incompatibility rules to avoid users from finding wrong configurations of each product.
  • Set multiple references for each product based on the selected options that let you easily identify the choosen configuration.
  • Pricing system based on a formula in order to set a different price for each configuration depending on the selected options. You can use constants variables and conditions in your formulas.
  • Management of users. Access to personal details of each customer.
  • Translation of your site to an unlimited number of languages.
  • Sell your products online and get your money straight away in your bank account.
  • Paypal integrated.
  • Define manufacturing and shipping costs and set a delivery due date.
  • Atomatically generate a proforma invoice after each sell. Join your products into batches before selling them.
  • Administer your orders.
  • Set shop, product or client discounts.
  • Show a forum with your news or news from your sector.
  • Add recommented products.
  • Shopping wizard based on the preferences of the client. Customized offers for each customer.
  • Search Online Optimization (SEO) tools incorporated.

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